‘Waaah! Uko na muscles!’ Brian, my neighbor, 2009.‘Kuna dame hukuita cute boy wa CU,’ anonymous, 2016.‘You are handsome!’ anonymous, 2017. I could go on and on about the instances where I got called out for looking like a boy. Oh, wait. There’s one more.‘Uko na sideburns!’ my barber, 2015.You’re probably Continue Reading

Meet Yetu

Who owns Yetustories?(Macharia) She’ll say she does but it’s the both of us. We both own Yetu stories. How and when did you start writing?(Macharia)I started sometime around april-may last year.(Wairimu)I used to journal a lot in highschool but I never thought of actually writing a poem or an article. Continue Reading

Meet Sylvia

Who is SylviaSylvia is a young lady in her early twenties in her sophomore year (I have always wanted to use that word, learnt it on astrahworld!) She is a student at The University of Nairobi taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Arts(Kiswahili and Religious Studies). She is also a Continue Reading

Bun In the oven

‘Dad, you’re embarrassing me. I’ll meet you at the waiting bay,’‘Don’t worry,’ the young doctor said in comprehension, ‘I’m 25 myself but my dad follows me around like a labra doodle. So, tell me, shida ni gani?’ I looked over my shoulder as the door shut slowly behind me, just Continue Reading