I Quit Drama Club.

Welcome to stories of my life since 2011. My only regret is that I didn’t start writing early enough. Well, bygone? Yes. Ride along.

Growing up I was academically gifted as most of you like to describe it. Since class one (I it’s now grade one) I always emerged first position whatever school I went to. Yaas. Nilikuwa Yule msee . (I was that guy). I would take all the badges, an insignia of over achievement. My parents would not even come for academic clinics because there was nothing to discuss. I mean, I was killing it on all sides.

This one time, I decided to break the monotony; I was used to receiving trophies for my academic achievements but I felt I wanted something different. The only club I could relate to was Drama club. I never felt so alive before. So elated, so enthusiastic, so proud of myself. I remember this poem we were practicing, it was during the Ocampo six period (millennials and above you can remember) one of the lines went like:
‘Naiona kwa mbali, ndege yaja kutuchukua’
These words were referring to how freaked out the Ocampo six were of facing the ICC. I really can’t recall the rest of it. It was awesome though, our trainer was Mr. Edwin; tall,light skinned man. At one point we lived in the same building. He was stinking rich. I’m sure it’s not from the peanuts he was getting as a teacher. I know not what else he used to do for a living.

Two weeks later we sat an exam and for the first time in my existence I emerged position two. My whole life came to a halt; heads up, there was only a difference of three points between me and position one. That day I did not appear for drama practice. How could I? Academics were the only place I found my identity. My sole chateau. If that was taken away from me, I was done for, I was a goner, kaputsky (insert Dwayne Johnson voice)Drama did that; it took away my very existence. So it had to go.

I must say things changed in high school when I realized I wasn’t doing so well. High school was hell for me (story for another day). Once in high school I thought to myself, why am I holding back from what I like just to try and better my grades, and it’s not like my efforts were working by the way. So you know what? Screw school work. I joined Drama Festivals. That was in form three. Best time of my life.

You know what my biggest regret is right now? That I didn’t join drama and music festivals early enough. It’s not till very late that I discovered my artistic abilities were stronger than my academic ones. Sad, right? I’m working on it now though. Better late than never. I’m a writer now, and I perform martial arts while learning Chinese at the same time. I hope all goes well for me.

We are all trying. Whether you were ‘academically talented’ as I was, or you were the star, the antisocial kind, we all have our struggles. My classmates in primary school would have thought I had it all figured out but I know that everyday I struggled to maintain my status. How has that affected my life today you ask. Well, fear of failure. Anytime I don’t achieve what I set I often punish myself for it ; panic attacks and the likes. I’m still on a journey to overcome that and you know what, queen sera sera. What will be will be.

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7 thoughts on “I Quit Drama Club.

    1. Aki waaaaaaaaaaah 🥺🥺🥺 I’m get emotional anytime someone talks of how they invested so much on their academics at the expense of their talents…… Good work girl

  1. Aki waaaaaaaaaaah 🥺🥺🥺 I’m get emotional anytime someone talks of how they invested so much on their academics at the expense of their talents…… Good work girl

  2. I absolutely love and relate to this story. I also went through the same worst moments in high school😓but those are now bygones. Hoping for a brighter future❤.

  3. I’m convinced that most of us really don’t know what we want and what we can do in our elementary school period. It’s no wonder that most of the times our intrinsic potential and inner build capacity shows up as we grow (early 20s and so). It’s never late to discover ourselves.

    Thumbs up for Stella, she’s an all round dynamic lady.

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