Meet Eugene

Who is EugeneTedee
Eugene is a young writer currently studying English Literature at Kenyatta University. I also study Chinese language and Martial Arts at the Confucius Institute in the same Institution.

How and when did you start writing
I started writing back in high school. My interest in the English language and literature was very strong, so I put my skills to the test. I helped my friends to write letters to their girlfriends when going out on school functions ;funkies as known commonly among Kenyans. Besides that I write my own content for future use.

You do freestyles a lot. Especially on Facebook. Have you ever thought about a permanent path like fiction or pure poetry maybe?
Yes. I only use Facebook to express myself at the moment. I hope to start managing my content soon on a website. I am currently on other short term projects to earn a living and raise income for this particular literary journey.

You’re practically Chinese; an expert in martial arts and you’ve been to China before. If you were to choose between Tai chi and writing, which one would it be
Tai chi is an art, just like writing. I would choose both. Tai chi helps to strengthen the body and energize it for other activities. In performance, I can also express myself using Tai chi. I can compare it to poetry. I mean poetry because each movement or posture has a meaning.

I gather you currently edit comics. Has that affected your writing in any way?
No. I would not say it has. It helps me to look at other peoples works for my own development. I hope to write comics too because they are interesting and more simplified for understanding.

Told to choose between spending the rest of your life in China and Kenya, which one would it be and why
Kenya. One hundred percent ;because I grew up here and it’s easier to survive without money. China is foreign and only favorable when you are still studying. Life is more practical and challenging outside the classroom.

Give us a snippet of the time you spent in China. Do you have plans to go back?

It was nice meeting different international students from different educational backgrounds. I learnt that life is not all about your country or motherland. You have step outside the box. I dont have plans to go back at the moment but will surely travel back in future for a better experience.

Have you ever written a piece in Chinese?
No. I only translate some of my works into Chinese to aid in learning the language.

Between writing and performing poetry, which one do you prefer
I prefer to write because I do it more often, at any place and time. Performance requires quite some time to practise and perform.

What’s your definition of success
Having consciousness of what I am doing at the moment towards attaining my personal goals. Steady movement towards these goals is success for me.

What is your greatest challenge so far
My greatest challenge is attending to my degree while at the same time studying Chinese language and Tai Chi. There is little time to switch between different activities of these areas of study.

What keeps you going
The internet and the ability to use it positively. It is easy to connect via different social platforms online. I like sharing content via online platforms.

If you were to be any animal in the world, which one would you be and why?
I choose the Lion. It simply knows its worth .
At the end of the day it can never eat grass

Catch him on Facebook at EugeneTedee .

That’s Eugene for you! Make sure to tune in on Tuesday as he does one of his freestyles on a subject of his choosing. See you then!

Here goes the freestyle

‘Confusion’ by Eugene Teddee

He had his new year resolutions
to start the year with new solutions
So sure like the previous years
Happy new year with new goals

The semester began as usual
Interactions were mutual
All fun at the begining
more friends and hugging

First, someone started a great fire
which destroyed and scattered wildlife
world conflict was imminent
yet the year was just starting

Then a mysterious virus struck humanity
Patients had no time to live
Isolation was the policy
Meeting friends was a crime.

School memo was released
No school, no learning
all activities on hold
East West, home was best

The internet was too much company
memes were no longer funny
Someone painted the year ugly
Who can move back in time?

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