Meet Richiepoet

Who is Richie Poet?
Richie poet is my stage name. I am Oyamo Richard, a fiction writer, poet and spoken word artist.

How and when did you start writing?
This question is quite humorous, because I don’t remember when I started writing; it was probably when I was in kindergarten writing the 26 alphabets. Let’s talk about when I acknowledged that I’m a writer. The first time I realized that I’m a writer and poet for that matter was in 2015. I remember it was on a Sunday afternoon, just from Church, I was at home listening to some reggae show on the radio, and then came on play a voice (Jamaican accent), it was a poem, it caught my attention and I fell in love with it.
After the play, I tried to rewrite the poem, but couldn’t get all the words, and I was like, “Why don’t I write my own?” That marked the Genesis of my poetry and writing in general.

You’re a poet and writer. What is your content centered on mostly?

Mostly, unless when tasked to, my content is of experiences I’m going or have gone through, or what happens to people and things in my surroundings. However at times I just write for fun.
I also must say that, voluntary or involuntary almost if not all my poems usually have something about God.

What is your greatest challenge as a writer so far?
My greatest challenge, well it’s definitely finance. I need money, to attend writing seminars, enroll in writing and performing classes, buy educative materials, publish manuscripts, record and shoot videos etc.

What keeps you going (what inspires you to keep writing?)
What keeps me going; writing is in me, it’s like a basic need, I just must do it. I believe my purpose on earth must revolve around my talents and abilities, which are mainly writing and performing poetry.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt in 2020
Sow as many seeds as possible on as many grounds as possible, you never know which will sprout and which won’t.

You recently featured in an anthology of poems among prominent writers such as Austin Bukenya, how does that make you feel?

Before the book got to my hands I didn’t know that great Writers such as Austin Bukenya, Egaja Kabara, Laban Erapu and JKS Makokha were also featured. It was a surprise.

It made me believe in myself more than I did before

What is your definition of success?
Success? In line with writing and poetry I presume; Success to me is when I will get to a point where I will be established enough that the world can trust me with matters writing and poetry.

What was the last gift you gave to someone?
Ooh, the last gift? I bought my little sister a doll.

If you were to be one animal in the world, which one would you be and why
An Eagle. It understands and knows how to get through in life.

That’s Richiepoet for you. Tune in for my next article dropping Friday this week. Enjoy!

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