Meet Sylvia

Who is Sylvia
Sylvia is a young lady in her early twenties in her sophomore year (I have always wanted to use that word, learnt it on astrahworld!) She is a student at The University of Nairobi taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Arts(Kiswahili and Religious Studies). She is also a blogger,musician,an upcoming author of young readers storybooks.She also loves to do research on environmental issues that human beings face.

How and when did you start writing
Interesting question. My mother tells me that my creativity in writing begun from a very tender age. Whenever guests visited our place, I would sit and listen attentively as they talked. Later on, I would write about their experiences in compositions and of course I would spice them up a bit.
I took writing seriously in high school after one of my Swahili Poems was published in the school magazine.

You write for, tell us about the website
The Uncharted Minds is an online publishing website with writers from all over the world.

I came to learn about the website early this year on Facebook. I was then added to their Whatsapp group.I submitted an article about gender based violence titled ‘Love is Blind but don’t be Blind for Love.’ The website has many writers that make me learn about issues facing the world and possible mitigation measures that would make the world a better place.

Now that you’re an all round artist, which would you say is your favourite type of art
Wow. That’s quite difficult but I would say that everything I do reflects the kind of person I am. They are all part and parcel of who I am.

What is your greatest challenge so far
Time. Sometimes I wish I had more than 24 hours a day . It is not easy balancing studies and writing especially now that I have online classes.

Another is raising enough funds for publishing my book.

What keeps you going
My audience. The positive comments about my articles inspire me to write more as I get more experience.

What is your definition of success
Wow, I feel tempted to say ‘kuomoka‘ but success from my point of view is accomplishing short and long term goals, being satisfied with the much one has no matter how little and lastly,living a healthy happy life.

What do you write about mostly?
I write about societal social,economic and psychological issues that almost everyone encounters in the day-to-day activities.
I always feel compelled to write and contribute towards improving the society.

What’s on your bucket list
Interesting. Now that my journey as a publishing author has begun, I would love to meet talented and seasoned African authors like Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Chimamanda.
I would also like to get a First Class Honours Degree by the end of my course.
Wish me luck!
I am being trained on doing digital portraits

. Am not perfect at that,najaribu tu ( I’m trying)

We wish Sylvia all the best as she publishes her book, and as she works to gain prowess at making digital portraits. See you next week as we reveal another amazing author on this series. Bye! Click on the title below to visit one of her articles.

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8 thoughts on “Meet Sylvia

  1. Proud of you and the way you have grown so much all these days as a writer is praiseworthy and amazing. More miles to go and I am grateful to get to know you 💛

  2. I love your work darling am praying for you and May God give you strength and courage to pursue this career …….all the best and have all the best things life has to offer 😉 i love you 💖💖😘

  3. Congratulations to this far my personal person 😍
    Meeting you and knowing you was such a great blessing. I think people I meet don’t remain in my heart as you do. I like talking to you and do everything with you. I miss you!❤

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