Meet Yetu

Who owns Yetustories?

She’ll say she does but it’s the both of us. We both own Yetu stories.

How and when did you start writing?
I started sometime around april-may last year.
I used to journal a lot in highschool but I never thought of actually writing a poem or an article. I had a conversation with my friends including storyteller( Macharia) and that’s how I started a writing! I personally like to write stories, and not just write but also communicate something in a creative way.

Why ‘yetu’?
We were brainstorming on the name of the blog then I said something and Macharia asked
Something like yetu (ours)?
Then boom! Yetu! Ikue yetu. He agreed and that’s how Yetu came to be.

There is also another group you guys work with; fusion writers. Tell us about that.

Fusion is a group of young writers expressing ourselves through art.. that’s basically it.
Includes writers, poets and spoken word artists. It’s larger because unlike Yetu it involves other writers and different material.

I understand ‘Yetu’ is a whole entity, comprised of Yetu stories, Yetu designs and Yetubites and who knows what else (laughs) tell us about that

Yetu designs is a space for me to express my creative side. I make crochet products as well as beaded earrings.

I am not limited to that alone. Looking forward to trying other things.
Yetu bites belongs to my elder sister, Janet. She’s a good cook so she expresses that in Yetu bites.

For Yetu stories, we write stories inspired by personal experiences. Articles here and there on topics relevant to us and what is happening around us.

Now that Yetu has many owners so to speak, do you ever disagree on what to write and whose turn it is to do it?
Actually no. It happens that when one person has something to post, the other one does not have so we never really argue on whose turn it is to write.

What’s on your bucket list for Yetu?
To tell as many stories as we can and share our thoughts to the world reaching as many people as possible.

What is your definition of success (for Yetu)
Massive outreach I suppose.

Macharia, which spongebob character would you be and why?
Squidward. Because I am not much of a talker. I’m more of a storyteller.

Wairimu, describe mutura to a blind person
Long fleshy pipe with small small meat inside (laughs)

That’s Yetu for you guys! This is the last interview. Thank you for your continued support. This means we’re resuming our weekly articles! I promise you’re not ready for what’s coming.

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