Meet June

Who is June?June is a current second year student at Kabarak University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy. She is also Kenya’s Ambassador to Monomousumi Services in India. She is also a writer. She is a daughter and a sister. She is a lover for humanity and an ambassador for Continue Reading


I’m dazed by her glistening dark skin, so perfectly golden dark. Her gracefully long neck. Her deep set dark eyes. Her beautiful dark hair puffed up in one neatly ponytail-afro (if that makes any sense) . There’s so much beauty in her darkness. Her physical darkness I mean; I hope Continue Reading

Meet Mugureh

Who is Mugure?Mugure is a young lady in her sophomore year at Kenyatta University taking a Bachelors degree in Education Arts [English and literature]. Shes also a blogger and a writer. What does Mugure do during her free timeShe loves to read, write, watch movies, dance, work out, learn Chinese, Continue Reading


It’s 3 a.m. for Pete’s sake. How is he even up?‘Milk mama, milk’I schlep my eighty-kilogram body to the overwhelmed kitchen and warm up some milk.‘Tom, wake up. I warmed his milk, you put him to sleep’ Tom, my other half, very big half, wakes up to lull him to Continue Reading